Britney Spears 'Femme Fatale' tour: Who should join as Enrique Iglesias' replacement?

britney-spears-good-morning-america.jpgNow that Enrique Iglesias has backed out of a summer tour with Britney Spears, the "Femme Fatale" tour is in desperate need of an opening -- excuse us, co-headlining -- act. So who could be her hero, baby

We here at Zap2it have a few ideas for who should hit the road with Brit Brit this summer. Before you even get started in the comments, yes, we know that most of these would never happen. But it sure is fun to imagine, isn't it? Let's get started...

demi-lovato-324.jpgDemi Lovato: Demi is on the upswing from a very public rehab stint and we're sure her fans would flock in droves to support their girl. Aside from bringing together two generations of pop fans, girlfriend can actually sing. We think she could provide a little balance to Brit's undoubtedly lip synced spectacle. Not to mention, she kind of owes her fans another tour after bailing on the JoBros.


ceelo-grammys-324.jpg Cee Lo Green: If it's gonna be a spectacle though, why not go all the way? Green is a fun, upbeat performer (Hello, did you SEE his Grammy outfit?) and his music is infectious. We just think this would be an uber fun show to attend with plenty of bells and whistles to keep us entertained for hours.


Kesha-324.jpg Ke$ha: See above Cee Lo Green explanation. Minus the Grammy outfit.

jennifer-lopez-324.jpg Jennifer Lopez: She'll be fresh off her "American Idol" gig and ready to keep  the momentum flowing on her new album. Obviously, J.Lo would be a co-headlining type act, but if Brit wants to hang on to Latin fan base she could have enticed with Enrique, we think Jenny from the block would be a fabulous way to go.


Pitbull-324.jpg Pitbull: No doubt Britney has a mostly female fan base, and what do the ladies love? Pitbull. The man can put on a show and we think his fun (but raunchy) music could be a great match for Brit's "Femme Fatale." Dale!

christina-aguilera-324.jpg Christina Aguilera: Yeah, this would never happen. But! X-tina and Brit did exchange some kind words via Twitter over the release of her new album. How epic would it be for these two "rival" divas, who have competed since their Mouseketeer days, to join forces so that all us 20-and-30-somethings can revel in our younger years. Epic.


chris-brown-324.jpg Chris Brown: If "Dancing with the Stars" and "Good Morning America" will both take him... then why not Britney too? As much as the controversy around Chris' 'tude would cause people to boycott, the buzz would also sell tickets like crazy among supporters. Plus, we're not going to lie, his music is pretty fun.

tux-justin-timberlake-324.jpg Justin Timberlake: We. Wish.


Travie McCoy: Travie is still an up-and-comer with a fresh sound that will give a different vibe to the show. Yet, he still maintains a pop-meets-hip-hop sound that's fun to party to, but won't overshadow Queen Britney.

green-hair-nicki-minaj-324.jpg Nicki Minaj: Is there anyone that doesn't want a piece of Nicki Minaj right now? Girlfriend is on fire and is a performer in every sense of the word. Come to think of it, the one thing that could make Britney's album even better would have been a collaboration with Nicki the Ninja. Seriously, we saved the best for last here and at this point, we fear that whoever is chosen to join on the tour will pale in comparison to Nicki Minaj. Sadness.

What about you, Zappers? Who would you like to see hit the road with Brit Brit? Weigh in with your comments below.    

Photo/Video credit: ABC