Britney Spears on 'Good Morning America': Performs 'Femme Fatale' set, San Fran declares it 'Britney Spears Day'

In preparation for "Femme Fatale's" release Tuesday (March 29), Britney Spears, 29, joined "Good Morning America's" at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to perform several of the songs off her seventh album. Check out all the hot photos of her performance here.

"I love music. It's my world. It's my everything," says Britney during the concert, which taped Sunday (March 27). San Francisco proclaimed March 27 "Britney Spears Day." Following a fun "Hold It Against Me" kick-off, she went into "Big Fat Bass," which includes snippets of her old hits, which was fun. The set ended with "Till the World Ends" and Britney receiving her "Britney Spears Day" plaque.

What did you think, Britney fans? Our favorite part about Britney was always her dancing, so it was a bummer not to see a little more punch to her dance moves and less posing around the set. But the 5000-person crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

Photo/Video credit: ABC