Brittany Murphy's final film: 'Abandoned' footage hits web

brittany-murphy-abandoned.jpgFootage has been released of Brittany Murphy's last film role before her untimely death on Dec. 20.

In "Abandoned," Brittany is Mary, a woman whose husband Kevin (Dean Cain) goes into the hospital for surgery and never comes out. When the hospital has no record of her husband ever being there, she is caught up in a deadly conspiracy.

"Abandoned" is listed as being released sometime in 2010. There is no word yet as to what the exact date might be.

Director Michael Feifer told People that working with Brittany was one of his best experiences working with an actress and that she was really good at her craft.

"When she needed to turn it on, she just threw a switch and she was on. She didn't have to be all method. There was a moment where she needed to cry, and we were kidding around where she actually said she could cry out of one eye and you just had to pick which eye you wanted. She was that good at her craft. So playing frantic came really easy and playing sweet came really easy," Feifer told the publication.

She certainly shows it in the clip below. The movie sounds like an interesting thriller and Brittany has definitely piqued our curiosity.

Watch below.