Brooke Shields joining 'The View'?

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brooke-shields-joining-the-view.jpgIn the wake of Joy Behar leaving "The View" -- and the rumor that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also on her way out -- the popular ABC daytime talk show is looking for new panel members. Is Brooke Shields a top choice?

Showbiz 411 says a source tells them a deal is very close to being worked out to bring the 47-year-old actress on board, while People reports that a source says, "[Shields] has been asked to co-host a few times. They love her and she enjoys it."

"She has co-hosted 'The Talk,' 'Good Morning America' and 'The Today Show' as well. She's a great host," the source adds.

What do you think, viewers? Is Brooke Shields a good choice to replace Joy Behar?
Photo/Video credit: ABC