'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Stacy Keach brings the 'Old School' back to the precinct

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"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had Kid Cudi on as a guest star last week, and tonight, we get Mr. "Mike Hammer" himself, Stacy Keach. Keach plays Jimmy Brogan, a journalist who penned the quintessential 1970s book "The Squad", detailing "old school" hard living, hard drinking cops, and who Detective Jake ( Andy Samberg) idolizes. He wanted to become a cop after reading it (in elementary school, it seems.) Brogan is writing a new article on how Brooklyn detectives have changed since he wrote "The Squad" and he's going to shadow Jake and Santiago. She and Holt ( Andre Braugher) aren't really excited about this situation, since Brogan is an old windbag, but Jake is like a butt-kissing kid on Christmas. He even goes out drinking with Brogan, leading to some lovely Samberg hangover moments. Unfortunately, during the binge, Jake utters some not-so-flattering lines about Holt (mostly about still being forced to wear a tie), on the record. And while trying to get Brogan to drop the quotes, Jake punches him in the face, sending him flying into a pool in a "old school" Russian bath house (the "schvitz", of course.)

I love this show.

It turns out Brogan was more than willing to drop the quotes, but threw a not-so-flattering epithet directed at Holt. That was why Jake punched him. Growth! Happening on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine!" 

Also, Diaz gets a charm school crash course from Terry and Boyle on how to get juries to like her. They even give her a make-over, and coach her while she's on the stand. She ends up making a great impression, with a frozen mask of dead-eyes-showing-teeth-smiling, and wins the case. To celebrate, she tells Boyle she's taking him out to dinner... along with her boyfriend, prompting love-sick Boyle to respond with a "your what friend now?" Awwww.

Best Lines:

  • "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. I saw the first 15 minutes of 'The Hurt Locker.'" - Jake
  • Diaz: "And when this is over, I'm going to find you, and I'm going to break those little fingers."
    Judge: "Ms. Diaz, please stop threatening the stenographer."
  • "Turn off your mouth siren." - Jake
  • "You can ignore that garbage, Santiago. Jimmy Brogan wouldn't know a legit cop, if he punched him in the face." - Holt

What did you think of Stacy Keach this week? And are you enjoying the fine stream of guest stars appearing on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as well? Patton Oswalt is on tap for next week...

Photo/Video credit: FOX