'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Andy Samberg: 'Jim Carrey would make a good partner for Jake'

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andy-samberg-GQ-wiseass-of-the-year.jpg Andy Samberg, formerly of "Saturday Night Live" and now starring on FOX's new comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," is GQ's "Wisea** of the Year." For his interview in the men's magazine, they asked him about his favorite movie cops, to which he said:

Axel Foley, "Beverly Hills Cop
: "Eddie Murphy's gotta be considered one of the best ever. Certainly with my character, Jake Peralta, there's the rogue spirit of circumventing protocol that you have with an Axel. And Axel's partner -- Judge Reinhold -- he's not on my Mount Rushmore of detectives in comedies, but certainly on my Mount Rushmore of people that have been caught masturbating on film."

John Kimble, "Kindergarten Cop": "Wait -- is he a detective in that, or is he just a cop? I think he's a detective. They were looking at the poster for that and were like, 'If it's 'Kindergarten Detective' and his last name is Schwarzenegger, that is just way too many syllables. It's going to look like a Russian movie.' Also, no one wants to see a movie called 'Kindergarten D***.'"

Ace Ventura, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective": "Of course. He's the top-top. Because he's a pet detective, which, in this world, is more needed than ever. I've watched that movie probably more than any movie on earth. Jim Carrey would make a good partner for Jake. Him or Judge Reinhold. Just, you know, so I could walk in on him jerking off."

The Men of the Year issue of GQ is on newsstands now.
Photo/Video credit: Peggy Sirota / GQ