'Brothers & Sisters' first look: The Walker kids 80s style

brothers-and-sisters-abc-young-walkers.jpgThe " Brothers & Sisters" flashback episode we've been waiting for airs on Sun. April 11 on ABC.

In the two hour episode, the family looks back on their past in order to discover the secret Dennis York holds over the clan.

That episode is still weeks away, but we have a first look at the Walker siblings in 1986 alongside their modern counterparts.

Check out the totally rad images below:

Cody Longo as Tommy Walker: Very similar build


Anna Wood as Sarah Walker: The face structure is there


Kay Panabaker as Kitty Walker
: It's the lips, right?


Kasey Campbell as Kevin Walker: Hair, definitely the hair


Little Dylan Thomas Larsen as Justin Walker: The codependency?


Which young Walker is totally tubular and which one gags you with a spoon?