'Brothers & Sisters' preview: Scotty serves his penance

Note: This video will expire on Nov. 1.

We know a lot of you were troubled by Scotty's (played by  Luke MacFarlane) admission that he cheated on Kevin ( Matthew Rhys) in the last episode of "Brothers & Sisters." We have to admit it hit us pretty hard, too. How could you, Scotty?

In the next episode, Scotty will get the fallout from his confession as Kevin has a hard time dealing with it and the rest of the family find out. It's especially hard for Kevin, because of his own father's infidelities - which we all know pretty much made "Brothers & Sisters" possible. After all, this all started, really, with the sins of the father coming back to haunt the Walker family.

Also in the next episode, Kitty ( Calista Flockhart) and Jack ( Jeremy Davidson) get more serious. His newly revived passion for L.A. and a possible return to his former career in investment banking worries her, though. Plus, Sarah ( Rachel Griffiths) and Luc ( Gilles Marini) are ready to tell everyone about their engagement, but she is getting cold feet. Oh, Sarah...

"Brothers & Sisters" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Video credit: ABC