'Brothers & Sisters' preview: The beginning of the end for Rebecca

Zap2it got an early viewing of this Sunday's Oct. 10 episode of "Brothers & Sisters" and it was a quite good, as well as educational, hour. 

We get a lot more details of what transpired during the one-year lapse between this season and the last. Plus, Emily VanCamp returns to wrap up Rebecca's storyline. The episode is called "Faking it," so we thought we'd give you a preview of why the episode earned that title.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Kitty (Calista Flockhart): Kitty is now living in her rented home at Ojai and trying to do things that take her out of her comfort zone. Then, she meets a local handyman, Jack ( Jeremy Davidson), who detests the house renters in Ojai for being so pretentious. He rattles off several pet peeves that describe Kitty (including politicians), so she decides to create a totally new persona unlike herself. After all, handsome Jack may very well prove to be very handy...

Sarah (Rachel Griffiths): It's Sarah's some-number-above-40 birthday, but she has led Luc ( Gilles Marini) to believe all this time that she's just barely turning 40. Oops. Luc is keeping his own secret - a surprise birthday dinner for her! Can the Walkers keep her age secret? And what else has Luc been keeping from Sarah?

Nora (Sally Field): We've already been able to gather that her boss is evil and that her job as a florist is ridiculous. And now the writers have, as well.

Rebecca (Emily VanCamp): As a result of Justin's ( Dave Annable) visits with Holly ( Patricia Wettig), in which he has been talking up Rebecca, the family thinks it's time Holly see her again. But, could the family be wrong? Also, Justin reveals a secret that he has known for a while about their marriage and has been keeping away from the family. 

So, let the countdown begin. Rebecca will only be sticking around for a couple episodes. Will you miss her?

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Photo / Video credit: ABC