Bryan Cranston doesn't know what a 'badonkadonk' is on 'The Tonight Show'

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bryan-cranston-tonight-show-badonkadonk-jimmy-fallon.jpgBryan Cranston is a well-spoken gentleman, but he revealed on "The Tonight Show" Monday (May 5) that there are still some gaps in his vocabulary -- namely, that he has no clue what a "badonkadonk" is.

Host Jimmy Fallon had his "Tonight Show" guest play the game "Word Sneak," where he and Cranston both had to sneak five different words and phrases into their ensuing (completely ridiculous) conversation.

The increasingly giggly chat reaches peak ridiculous when Cranston thinks "badonkadonk" might be an Indian word (rather than slang for a woman's luscious backside). Check out the video below.

Photo/Video credit: NBC