'Buckwild' star Shain Gandee's family plans fundraiser to help with funeral costs

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shain-gandee-funeral-fundraiser-MTV.jpg Shain Gandee, star of MTV show "Buckwild," was found dead Monday (April 1). The local sheriff believes it may have been because of carbon monoxide poisoning when Gandee's Bronco became stuck in the mud. Gandee's uncle was also killed, as was an unidentified third adult male.

"Buckwild" is currently airing its first season on MTV, chronicling the lives of young adults in rural West Virginia. But the reality show did not make the participants rich.

Shain's cousin Ashley tells TMZ that the family needs help paying for the funeral expenses, so they are organizing a "mud run" (an off-roading event) to help raise money for the funeral.

"I know the strain they are going through. It's hard to provide a proper burial," says Ashley. "It's already been tough with the loss of family members ... expenses are tough as well."

The mud run will take place Wednesday, April 3 in Protorville, Ohio, which is about 50 miles from the West Virginia area where "Buckwild" is filmed.
Photo/Video credit: MTV