'Bunheads' brings Fanny and Michelle closer in sadness

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bunheads-funeral.jpgIt's a pretty gutsy move to kick off your new series by killing off one of the pilot's main characters, but "Bunheads" totally went there. The ABC Family dance dramedy spent Episode 2 dealing with Hubbell's death (and making us cry in the process).

While the beginning of the episode was a little too talky (very Amy Sherman-Palladino), it hit that sweet spot between emotional and funny as Fanny ( Kelly Bishop) and Michelle ( Sutton Foster) figured out how, exactly, their grieving processes worked.

The best point, though, came at the end, when the high school ballerinas performed a beautiful dance in honor of their teacher's late son (and the new cool adult in town's new husband). Raise your hand if you shed a tear...

It was a solid follow-up to a solid debut, but definitely heavy for a summer show. Now that Michelle has inherited Hubbell's estate, we'll hopefully finally get into that premise that's been promised since the beginning -- that Michelle will start teaching at Fanny's dance school. The scenes where Michelle interacts with the students are the best, anyway.

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Photo/Video credit: ABC Family