'Burlesque' new trailer: Christina Aguilera shows Cher her 'something'

Oh, "Showgirls" fanatics, do we have a treat for you. We have something here that can beat the trashtasticness of that film and Mariah Carey's "Glitter" combined.

Pop princess Christina Aguilera costars with Cher (in her first film in about seven years) called "Burlesque." It follows Aguilera as a small town girl who hits the big city with a little cha cha in her step. Apparently, she scores a job as a waitress in a burlesque club where fabulous Miss Cher rules with an iron, yet bedazzled, glove.

In the new extended trailer below, Cher's character gives Aguilera a rousing "show me something" speech. So, what "something" does Christina dish out? Obviously, she sings her diva lungs out.