'Burlesque' premiere: Cher's a-poppin'

cher-xtina-burlesque3.jpg Christina Aguilera and Cher share equal billing in "Burlesque," but we're thinking Cher won the fashion battle -- or at least will get more attention for her choice of clothing -- at the movie's Hollywood premiere Monday night (Nov. 15).

Now, we know that the no-miniskirts-after-35 rule isn't really going to apply to the likes of Cher (who's 64), so we can't even say we're surprised at the brevity of her very sparkly dress at the premiere. Except maybe we kind of are -- or at least a little awed by the fact that she can still pretty much work it.

Aguilera, by comparison, looks pretty demure in her full-length green dress. More pics after the jump...