'Burn Notice': Fiona looks for an ally, plus a shout-out from Bruce Campbell

The title of Thursday's (July 12) "Burn Notice" episode is "Under the Gun," but Fiona is more concerned with a different kind of weapon.

In the clip above -- which is exclusive to Zap2it, and includes an introduction from Bruce Campbell -- Fi ( Gabrielle Anwar) seeks some help from fellow prisoner Ayn ( Zabryna Guevara) after being attacked with a knife by two other inmates. Ayn offers some help with the symptom -- the gash on Fi's arm -- but is less willing to go after the cause.

Still, Fi might get the help she needs, if she agrees to do a favor for another inmate.

(One other note on the video: In the intro, Campbell says "next week's episode," but the clip is from tonight's show.)

Outside prison walls, Michael ( Jeffrey Donovan), Sam (Campbell) and Jesse ( Coby Bell) get in trouble in the Everglades when Sam is kidnapped. Kristanna Loken ("Terminator 3") guests in the episode, which airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on USA.
Photo/Video credit: USA