'Burn Notice' guest Charisma Carpenter all decked out in new photo

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charisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usa-280.jpgPerhaps as a result of her apparent inability to age, "Buffy" and "Angel" alum Charisma Carpenter seems to be everywhere these days.

On the heels of a first look at her trip to the "Supernatural" set -- filming an episode which sees her reunited with fellow "Buffy"-verse alum and co-star James Marsters -- we now get a glimpse of her upcoming turn on "Burn Notice."

And it appears the previous reports of her "trophy wife" character weren't played up enough... because she's looking gorgeous (and pensive) in a full-length gown.

The 40-year-old actress also has some inside info on her new role, which she shares with TVLine. "Basically, I hate my husband now because our lives are run by the Russians -- he doesn't want to spend any money or do anything -- and that makes for an unhappy trophy wife," she says, "which is a bad combination."

We can think of worse things.

You can catch Carpenter as an unfilled kept woman on the Sept. 1 episode of "Burn Notice," and, in the meantime, enjoy this pic from her performance:


Photo/Video credit: USA