'Burn Notice' Season 6 Summer Finale: Gabrielle Anwar's Fiona even wears prison well

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"Burn Notice" costume designer Danny Santiago has kept ex-IRA operative Fiona Glenanne (played by Gabrielle Anwar) looking sexy and strong for six seasons, but he doesn't take all the credit.

"Gabrielle has a great style of her own," Santiago tells Zap2it. "She wears clothes very, very well. She's very conscious of what's going on with fashion and has a good eye on it."

Santiago shops for Fiona everywhere from Barneys and Alchemist to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. His biggest challenge is finding clothes that work for shooting in South Florida in the summertime.

"We do so much stuff on location, we always are having to duplicate the outfits three or four times because of the sun," he says. "People sweat, so anytime you see something we usually have it in quadruples. During the day the actors will change their outfits so they always look cool and crisp and fresh."

Here are some examples of Fiona's wide-ranging style:

"This dress is sort of Gabrielle when she is in her casual mode. We do a lot of sundresses with her, and we tend to use a lot of gauzy cotton linen and washed silk. It's a bohemian style for her. A lot of time the fabrics have some transparency and light so when she walks there is a lot of movement. The sunglasses are Oliver Peoples, and that's the signature Fiona sunglass she wears."

"The pants she has on are Donna Karan, and the top is Phillip Lim. Some of the designers that she tends to wear quite a bit are Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens and Diane von Furstenberg."

"That's her prison outfit that she is wearing right now this season that she starts off in. It's a scrub bottom and a Vince tank top. Gabrielle is very petite, so a lot of designers don't fit. We tend to stick to certain brands because we know the proportion is going to work, but we still have to take things in and do alterations. People don't realize how petite she is because she is very well proportioned."

"This is a Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt and the fanny pack we had custom-made. The jeans are Hudson jeans. That's the brand that we use on her right now."

Fiona really never wears earrings or necklaces, favoring bracelets and a high-end bag instead.

"She wears a stack of bracelets, Santiago says, "and some of them are just leather cording that she's wrapped and tied. She has a few Me & Ro bracelets that she wears along with that. She also has her watch, which is a double-wrap Hermes watch. Her purse that she usually carries is a tan Balenciaga bag, the medium-size hobo bag."
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