Butterball Turkey Talk-Line: 'The West Wing's' President Bartlet asks about stuffing

west-wing-martin-sheen-video-clip-320.jpgHave a Thanksgiving or turkey-related question? Don't worry, the best of us do, even the president.

We're talking about President Bartlet ( Martin Sheen) of "The West Wing" of course, although we're sure Obama isn't above seeking help during the holidays either.

On a special Thanksgiving-themed episode of "The West Wing," Bartlet discovers the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL), which Charlie ( Dule Hill) calls the "Butterball hotline."

"God, I love my country," says Bartlet. We agree.

The president then proceeds to call and stay on hold until he reaches a helpful poultry expert and then asks some tricky questions about stuffing. Our favorite line about whether or not cooking stuffing inside a turkey could kill his guests: "I'm not saying that's necessarily a deal-breaker."

We also dug up a couple other clips from the episode. Here CJ ( Allison Janney) annoys the boys. Oh, and Toby ( Richard Schiff) is wrong. Jamestown was settled in 1607, which also makes it the 17th century. Enjoy:

Finally, Bartlet pardons a turkey, sort of:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Photo credit: NBC