Cablevision's Fox dispute: When will you get your games?

ny-giants.pngThree million Cablevision customers in the areas surrounding New York and Philadelphia got an unfortunate surprise this weekend when they flipped on their televisions to discover that the provider had dropped Fox.

Yes, that means until a deal is made - no "Glee," no "Bones," and no Giants game. Negotiations with the network have come to a standstill, so customers continue to see dark screens.

As of Sunday afternoon - smack in the middle of that Giants game - the network said that they were still "far apart" from Cablevision, according to the NY Times.

Cablevision released a separate statement. "The longer this shameful News Corp. blackout of the NFL and Major League Baseball continues, the more obvious it becomes to everyone, including political leaders of both parties, that binding arbitration is the fastest and fairest way to return Fox programming to Cablevision customers," they say.

Through months of negotiations, the two companies have been unable to agree on a price. An increased price for Fox will likely result in higher bills for Cablevision subscribers.

If you've been affected by the blackout, you're out local news and weather, NFL games, and baseball playoffs -- but don't give up! Make sure to run a search on your Guide to make sure your favorite FOX programming isn't being broadcast on another channel. Additionally,, which airs certain local channels over the internet for $4.99 per month, was offering a 30-day free trial on Sunday -- just in time for that Giants game.

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Photo: Getty