'Camelot' first look at Starz's 'fleshy' new series

Starz takes on the King Arthur legend in its upcoming series "Camelot" and makes it intense, thrilling and -- if star Jamie Campbell Bower is to be believed -- "fleshy."

Well, considering this is the network that brought us the rather fleshy "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," we're ready to be wowed.

"The relationship between Arthur and Morgan and their dual desire for the throne is the key spine of the series," says EP/writer Chris Chibnall.

Before we get to the April 1 premiere, however, here's a sneak peek of what to expect and the talents' take on the series.

The cast is very, very pretty, especially the alluring and dangerous Eva Green as Morgan. And yes, Merlin ( Joseph Fiennes) is bald. And we're kind of distracted by Chibnall's t-shirt. Are those Shriners' club stegosauruses?

Okay, all that aside, this looks fairly promising. What think you?

Photo/Video credit: Starz