Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake discuss the worst sex scene ever

timberlake-diaz-bad-teacher.jpgIf you went to see "Bad Teacher" this weekend, you probably will never be able to look at Justin Timberlake the same way ever again. In a scene where his character and Cameron Diaz's character are away on a school field trip, they (spoiler alert) have sex... kind of. Not really. Director Jake Kasdan refers to it as the "most uncomfortable sex scene in history," and we'd be inclined to agree.

"It's a stunt," Timberlake told Access. "Let's just call it what it is... Keanu Reeves jumps from a bus in 'Speed,' I dry humped!"

The scene, which took an entire day to shoot because the crew couldn't stop laughing, is one of the more memorable scenes in the film.

"There was a lot of laughter," Diaz says. "We had a lot of fun doing that because it's just so absurd. And we committed to making it sort of the creepiest scene sex scene you've ever seen! There's no chemistry between these two people, it's like your skin is kind of crawling."

Critic Roger Ebert seems to have missed the point.

"There is no chemistry, or indeed even mutual awareness between Diaz and Timberlake," he wrote. "You know those annual Bad Sex Awards for the worst sex scene in a movie? Their dry-humping scene deserves an award for the decade. The scene itself is pathetic. The shot it ends on -- the wet spot on Timberlake's blue jeans -- had the preview audience recoiling."

Of course, he doesn't mention that the lack of chemistry was clearly intended, as Timberlake's buttoned-up, high-five-obsessed character is clearly not the love interest Diaz's character is looking for.
Photo/Video credit: Columbia Pictures