Cannes: Kirsten Dunst, Jane Fonda, Uma Thurman, Ryan Gosling wrap things up

cannes1.jpgThe Cannes Film Festival wrapped up on Sunday, but not before celebs had one more chance to walk a red carpet. Jane Fonda, who was a presenter at the festival's awards show, chose iridescent ivory while judge Uma Thurman opted for a royal blue body-hugging gown.

Kirsten Dunst -- winner of the Prix d'Interpretation Feminine award -- opted for a silver strapless dress and a loose updo. It was a nice moment for the "Melancholia" star after she sat by as director Lars Von Trier held forth about his Nazi sympathies last week.

cannes6.jpgAlso on hand, Ryan Gosling, who congratulated Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (right) for being awarded with the Prix de la Mise en Scene (best director) for his film "Drive."

cannes4.jpgThe action also continued away from the red carpet as "Politics of Love" star Mallika Sherawat posed with a crew of Barack Obamas at the film's cocktail party.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Wire Image