Carla Bruni-Sarkozy names daughter Giulia

carla-bruni-sarkozy-may-2011.jpgIt's nice -- not to mention helpful -- that upon giving birth people are so quick to pick up a laptop these days. Or, at least, that they have a prepared statement ready to go live as soon as their bundle of joy takes the stage.

France's First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, posted a note to her official website on Thursday (Oct. 20), the day after given birth to her and husband's first child together, a baby girl.

"Je suis très touchée par les nombreux messages de félicitations qui me parviennent depuis la naissance de notre petite fille Giulia.

"En cette heureuse occasion, mon époux se joint à moi pour remercier chaleureusement tous ceux qui nous ont adressé ces témoignages de sympathie."

Or, for those who took Spanish in high school instead:

"I am deeply touched by the many messages of congratulations that I have received since the birth of our daughter Giulia.

"On this happy occasion, my husband joins me in expressing our warmest thanks to all those of you who sent us these tokens of your kindness."

Before everyone gets up-in-arms about those famous people and their crazy baby names, "Giulia" is actually just the Italian spelling of "Julia." Bruni-Sarkozy, now 43, was born in Turin and lived their for the first eight years of her life.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images