Carson Daly leaves 'Last Call' for new 'Today' gig - will the late-night show survive?

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carson-daly-last-call.jpgNBC announced Thursday (Sept. 12) that Carson Daly will join the "Today" show as host of the Orange Room, a part of the "Today" studio that will serve as a gateway to digital content and social media.

As he takes the morning-show job, though, Daly is also leaving his job as host of NBC's late-night series "Last Call." He'll remain an executive producer of the show, and NBC says plans for a "transition" on "Last Call" will be announced later.

NBC picked up "Last Call" for the 2013-14 season back in April, but a TV Guide report earlier this week noted that the show's staff has been told not to report to work yet. Among the possibilities for the show are hiring a new host, changing the show's format again -- or cancelling it.

"Last Call" has been on the bubble before. It survived budget cuts a few years ago by abandoning the traditional talk-show format and going to a documentary style, with interviews and other segments shot on location.

The show still has its fans at the network, and Daly -- who also hosts and is a producer of "The Voice" and is getting a first-look development deal along with his "Today" job -- will probably have some influence. But at the moment the future of "Last Call" is in doubt.
Photo/Video credit: NBC