Casey Abrams on the inspiraton behind 'Great Bright Morning'

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casey-abrams-great-bright-morning.jpg Casey Abrams finished in sixth place on "American Idol" Season 10, but that didn't stop the singer from releasing his self-titled debut album on June 26. Abrams opens up about the inspiration behind one of his new tracks, "Great Bright Morning," in Zap2it's exclusive video.

"It's about friendship; it's about love; it's about sharing a moment with someone that you really appreciate their companionship," Abrams explains. "It doesn't have to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it could be anyone."

When he started playing guitar on the track, he tuned his instrument down for a "therapeutic, almost sitar noise," he explains. "You have to learn the rules to break them, basically."

Check out the video below. "Casey Abrams" is in stores now.

Photo/Video credit: Casey Abrams