'Castle': Alyssa Milano mixed up in a makeout and a murder

milano-fillion-castle-320.jpg"Castle" is back Monday (Jan. 11) with Alyssa Milano guesting as Kyra, Castle's ex-girlfriend, and though she'll always be Samantha Micelli to us, we're kind of into this new character of hers.

What can we tell you about this week's hour, during which she's featured?

Well, despite Castle being almost completely focused on Kyra, Castle/Beckett fans shouldn't feel left out. Kyra's presence pulls something out of Beckett that she's been trying to suppress. In other words, she'll be expressing some serious envy and her BFF Lanie will call her out on it.

Trust us, it's fun to see because Beckett is still under the illusion that she can resist Castle and his charm. Silly girl.

Kyra, however, is open to Castle's charming ways. Yes, they kiss. And no, it's not a set-up, a good-bye or a platonic peck. The two have a lot of unresolved issues to work out and neither one is completely over the other.

Still, they should really be more careful about making sure they're actually alone if they're going to be all over each other again...

So yes, Beckett's got some competition this week. But chances are, you're probably going to like Kyra despite that. Unlike Castle's other exes, she's actually a nice, normal girl. Even Beckett begrudgingly likes her... at least until she suspects Kyra could've been involved in the murder of a bridesmaid.

Think she did it?

Are you going to watch?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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