'Castle': How does the 'Unholy Storm' graphic novel cover compare?

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There's another "Castle"-derived graphic novel, "Unholy Storm," coming this spring. This marks the fourth illustrated version of a Derrick Storm novel and the 13th Richard Castle book overall. Without much information about the story's content, it's fair to judge this book by its cover.

So how does "Unholy Storm" compare to other "Castle" titles? Take a look at all of them here and then vote in the poll.

Note: Obviously, Richard Castle is not a real person and therefore has little to do directly with the production of these books. But "Castle" refuses to admit otherwise, so just go with it.

"Unholy Storm"

Set to be released on May 6, 2014, the upcoming graphic novel ("adapted" by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Robert Atkins, Will Sliney and Carlo Pagulayan) has Storm seeking the killer of powerful businessmen's daughters. [Source: TVGuide.com]

"Frozen Heat"

castle-frozen-heat-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Deadly Heat"

castle-deadly-heat-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Deadly Storm"

castle-deadly-storm-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"A Calm Before Storm"

castle-calm-before-storm-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Storm Front"

castle-storm-front-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"A Bloody Storm"

castle-bloody-storm-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"A Raging Storm"

castle-raging-storm-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"A Brewing Storm"

castle-brewing-storm-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Storm Season"

castle-storm-season-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Heat Rises"

castle-heat-rises-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Naked Heat"

castle-naked-heat-judging-books-abc-marvel.jpg"Heat Wave"

Which cover looks the best? Vote in the poll below for your favorite. "Castle" is currently on hiatus but will return to airing Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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