'Castle' photos: Can Beckett protect the man who murdered her mother?

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castle-recoil-9-bracken-beckett-jack-coleman-stana-katic-abc.jpgThe story of the murder of Kate Beckett's mother is far from over on "Castle." Even though Beckett ( Stana Katic) now knows that Senator William H. Bracken ( Jack Coleman) is the man behind the conspiracy that led to the murder, she hasn't been able to move forward with the case.

That might change in "Recoil."

castle-recoil-1-beckett-stana-katic-nathan-fillion-abc.jpgCastle ( Nathan Fillion) and Beckett cross paths with Bracken again when the murder of a young woman shows evidence that links to the Senator. Becket, of course, wants to bring the man to his much-deserved justice, but further investigation reveals that things are more complicated than they seem.

castle-recoil-4-becket-stana-katic-nathan-fillion-abc.jpgNaturally, a man like Bracken gets the chance to state his case before being arrested.

castle-recoil-6-beckett-gates-bracken-abc.jpgBut Castle doesn't have to like it.

castle-recoil-8-bracken-nathan-fillion-abc.jpgIt's hard to say if Beckett is ready to blame anyone other than Bracken for the murder -- even if there are extenuating circumstances.

castle-recoil-10-beckett-stana-katic-abc.jpgAnd the question remains: How guilty is he?

castle-recoil-11-senator-bracken-jack-coleman-abc.jpg"Recoil" airs on Monday, Jan. 4 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC