'Castle' photos: Deadly terror, an insane asylum and Wes Craven in 'Scared to Death'

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Can a person be scared to death? Are haunted videos real? These are questions that the "Castle" episode, "Scared to Death" asks. Even the photos from this one are creepy.

Before you get too worried, we can assure you that this is not one of those serious, dark episodes of "Castle." It's instead a silly, dark episode of the show! The presence of Wes Craven as a guest star helps to prove that.

The case begins with the death of a young woman. She appears to have been literally scared to death.

castle-scared-to-death-1-abc.jpgOf course, Castle ( Nathan Fillion) can't ignore something like death by fear. Is this book responsible?

castle-scared-to-death-2-abc.jpgThe evidence actually points more in the direction of a "haunted" DVD that the victim watched three days before her death. Castle watches this video as well. Does that mean he is next?

castle-scared-to-death-3-abc.jpgIn the meantime, the victim's roommate (guest star Vivian Kerr) comes home.

castle-scared-to-death-4-abc.jpgShe's upset, but Castle and Beckett ( Stana Katic) still need to question her.

castle-scared-to-death-5-abc.jpgThe investigation leads the detectives to an insane asylum. This is, after all, a tale of horror. There has to be an insane asylum!

castle-scared-to-death-6-abc.jpg Romy Rosemont ( "Glee") guest-stars as one of the workers at that asylum. It seems that the patient so creepy that not even a doctor will go in.

castle-scared-to-death-7-abc.jpgCastle and Beckett confront the patient.

castle-scared-to-death-8-abc.jpgIs this man (guest star Sean Whalen) a murderer?

castle-scared-to-death-9-abc.jpgWe will find out when "Scared to Death" airs on Monday, March 18 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC