'Castle' photos: James Brolin returns as Jackson Hunt in 'Deep Cover'

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When "Castle" said goodbye to its title character's long-lost spy of a father Jackson Hunt in Season 5, it could have been forever. But James Brolin will soon return to play Hunt in the upcoming episode, "Deep Cover." Will the CIA operative get in trouble for murder this time?

Castle and Beckett cross paths with Hunt after a young video-store clerk is murdered. It turns out that the man is also a high-level hacker -- one who may have had ties to the world of espionage.

Do the detectives have any clue of who they're about to meet when they go to this office?

castle-deep-cover-abc-1-stana-katic-nathan-fillion.jpgBased on this greeting, it's likely that Beckett at least doesn't know.

castle-deep-cover-abc-2-james-brolin-nathan-fillion-stana-katic.jpgCastle is having way too much fun with this.

castle-deep-cover-abc-3-stana-katic-nathan-fillion-james-brolin.jpgIs Hunt going to give them any information?

castle-deep-cover-abc-4-james-brolin.jpgAlthough Castle may be enjoying this encounter ...

castle-deep-cover-abc-5-nathan-fillion.jpgWill Beckett feel the same when she finds out who this person of interest is?

castle-deep-cover-abc-6-stana-katic.jpg"Deep Cover" airs Monday, Jan. 13 on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC