'Castle' photos: Time to meet Rick's father in 'Hunt'

The father of a man like Richard Castle ( Nathan Fillion) has to be someone spectacular. We always knew that. But it's likely that none of us expected that father to first appear at the other end of a sniper rifle.

That is, however, where we first meet Castle's daddy, played by Emmy-winner James Brolin in the "Hunt" episode of the show.

As we saw in photos released earlier for this "Castle" episode, a case puts Castle in serious jeopardy. He's not just investigating a murder -- Rick Castle might be about to become a victim. And then... Something happens.

That something seems to be Castle's father, assuming we can trust the pictures.

After all, the man first appears with a rifle in hand.

castle-hunt-1-james-brolin-dad-abc.jpgWhatever he does with that rifle, a bad man ends up lying on the ground. Is he dead? And what's in that briefcase?

castle-hunt-2-james-brolin-nathan-fillion-abc.jpgCastle seems a little perturbed here, which makes sense when you consider the fact that his long-lost father may have just killed a man. At least he can call Beckett ( Stana Katic).

castle-hunt-3-nathan-fillion-james-brolin-abc.jpgA little bit of fatherly advice? Does Castle want this kind of advice?

castle-hunt-4-james-brolin-nathan-fillion-abc.jpgWhoever the James Brolin character is and whatever he is doing in this episode, we can at least be assured that he is one tough guy.

The "Hunt" episode of "Castle" is the second part of a pair and airs on Monday, Feb. 25 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC