'Castle' posters celebrate the show's 100th episode

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There's nothing like a 100th episode to bring out the nostalgia and celebration in a television show. This is very clear for the 100th episode of "Castle," "The Lives of Others." In honor of the TV milestone, ABC has released four vintage-looking "Castle" posters that celebrate major episodes throughout the show's five-season run.

Of the four episodes celebrated by these posters, Season 2's "Wrapped Up in Death" (originally aired on April 5, 2010) is by far the earliest in "Castle" history.

castle-100th-episode-poster-wrapped-up-in-death.jpgThis would be the episode in which a museum researcher dies under mysterious circumstances -- and it turns out that a curse might be to blame. Whoever looks at a mummy's face is doomed to die. Castle ( Nathan Fillion) of course does just that.

castle-100th-episode-poster-the-blue-butterfly-abc.jpgNext up is "The Blue Butterfly," the Season 4 episode (aired Feb. 6, 2012) that transported the audience back to a film noir-style past. The story of an old murder was reenacted by the normal "Castle" characters, enabling the actual crime to be solved in the present day.

The third of the posters is for "Undead Again," Season 4's infamous zombie episode (from April 30, 2012).

castle-100th-episode-poster-undead-again.jpgNo, no there weren't any real zombies. The dead stayed that way as they usually do in "Castle."

The final poster jumps into Season 5 with the comic-con episode, "The Final Frontier" (Nov. 5 2012).

castle-100th-episode-poster-the-final-frontier.jpgThey didn't manage to sneak a "Firefly"-class ship in there, did they?

Does Castle actually witness a murder, "Rear Window"-style in the 100th episode? Decide for yourself with this video.

The 100th episode of "Castle," "The Lives of Others," airs on Monday, April 1 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC