'Castle' Season 5 finale photos: Castle and Beckett face murder and their future in 'Watershed'

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Could this be the end of the Caskett relationship on "Castle"? Is one year all we get? Or will Rick and Kate move forward in some way?

Photos from the "Castle" Season 5 finale, "Watershed," indicate that some very serious relationship discussions are coming before the show breaks for the summer. They even go back to the swing set!

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-1-nathan-fillion-stana-katic.jpgWhat do Castle ( Nathan Fillion) and Beckett ( Stana Katic) decide? That's the big mystery. It's probably even a bigger mystery than the murder itself. Because of course "Castle" has to have one of those too.

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-2.jpgIs there a reason why Beckett is late?

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-3-stana-katic.jpgWhether her lateness is important or not, the murder is of a young woman who is found floating in a skid-row building's water tank.

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-4.jpgAs the investigation moves forward, the team finds out that there are more strange things about this death than previously thought.

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-5-nathan-fillion-jon-huertas.jpgIs that why Castle would be talking to Esposito ( Jon Huertas) without Beckett?

castle-season-5-finale-watershed-abc-6.jpgOr do these pictures show something a little more personal?

We will find out when the "Castle" Season finale airs on Monday, May 13 at 10pm on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC