'Castle' Season 6: Check out cast photos of Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and more

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castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-main.jpg "Castle" Season 6 will premiere soon, so it's time to get a good look Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and the other stars. As always, style is a big part of the return.

Considering their relationship status -- at least right up until the last moments of the Season 5 finale -- it's only fitting that there is a photo of Castle and Beckett together.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-1.jpgThe "ruggedly handsome" Rick Castle (Fillion) comes next.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-2.jpgBeckett (Katic) doesn't seem too sure about any of this.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-3.jpgMeanwhile, Detectives Ryan and Esposito ( Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas) are almost twin-like in their dapper dressing.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-5.jpgIn case you had forgotten, the once-little Alexis ( Molly Quinn) is growing up. She is, after all, about to be a sophomore in college.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-6.jpgKeeping immaturity -- and loud prints -- alive is Martha ( Susan Sullivan).

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-7.jpgLanie ( Tamala Jones) doesn't get out of the morgue or away from crime scenes all that much on "Castle." It's too bad, really, considering that she looks rather nice in fancy clothes.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-8.jpgEven stern Captain Gates ( Penny Johnson Jerald) looks good in these photos.

castle-season-6-cast-photos-abc-9.jpgFinally, there's nothing like a glamour-shot to get fans ready for "Castle" Season 6.


Photo/Video credit: ABC