'Castle' Season 6 photos: Ninjas attack!

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It takes a special crime show to include ninjas. "Castle" is that kind of show. In the Season 6 episode "The Way of the Ninja," the black-clad Japanese warriors may even be behind a murder.

The case of the week deals with a murdered ballet dancer from Japan. She turns out to have had a secret life, and Castle and Beckett find evidence that a ninja was responsible for her death. Are the detectives next on the ninja's hit list?

A routine search of a warehouse-like building drops the detectives right into a ninja den.

castle-way-of-the-ninja-abc-1-nathan-fillion-stana-katic.jpgCastle (Nathan Fillion) doesn't even realize there could be ninjas around.

castle-way-of-the-ninja-abc-2-nathan-fillion.jpgThere may even be a ninja right behind him.

castle-way-of-the-ninja-abc-3-nathan-fillion.jpgHe has figured it out now.

castle-way-of-the-ninja-abc-4-nathan-fillion.jpgIt looks like the ninja is going to win this round. You have to expect that when dealing with ninjas.

castle-way-of-the-ninja-abc-5-nathan-fillion.jpg"The Way of the Ninja" airs Monday, March 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC