'Castle' Season 6: 'Teen Wolf's' Arden Cho to guest-star

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"Castle" will have a "Teen Wolf" star in an upcoming Season 6 episode. According to a couple of tweets, it looks like Arden Cho will guest-star on a spring episode of the police procedural.

Cho first mentioned the upcoming role when she finished filming on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Although Cho didn't give any details about the role, "Castle" star Nathan Fillion seemed happy to have had her on the set.

On "Teen Wolf," Cho plays a new character for Season 3b, Kira. The shy high school girl has recently been identified as a kitsune -- a supernatural creature of Japanese origin. It's kind of like an electric fox, as far as the show has explained thus far. As for her "Castle" role, fans will need to wait for details.

Both "Castle" and "Teen Wolf" air Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV and ABC, respectively.
Photo/Video credit: MTV