'Castle' video: Death and birth coming in 'Under Fire'

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"Castle" will see the arrival of baby Ryan in the upcoming "Under Fire" episode. But will the newborn's father make it to the birth? A video clip indicates that Ryan and Esposito may face death in a fire around the time Jenny goes into labor.

Video and photos from "Under Fire" give a hint at the case on this "Castle": The victim of a building fire turns out to have been shot to death. This leads the detectives to a serial arsonist who has turned to murder. But when Ryan and Esposito investigate the arsonist's next target, they become trapped in the building.

From the photos, it's impressive that a bullet wound could be found on such a charred body.

castle-under-fire-1-beckett-ryan-abc.jpgThis is probably due to the brilliant work of Lanie.

castle-under-fire-2-lanie-abc.jpgPossibly the arson investigator helped as well.

castle-under-fire-3-arson-abc.jpgThere are no actual photos of Ryan and Esposito facing death, so that information must instead come from the video.

"Under Fire" airs Monday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC