'Castle' wedding dress poll: Does Beckett look amazing or is it a dud?

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In the "Castle" episode "Dressed to Kill," Detective Kate Beckett ( Stana Katic) has a true bridal fantasy moment: She tries on a couture wedding dress. Later, the owner of the dress gives it to the engaged woman as a gift.

Castle and Beckett have set a spring wedding date, so this may indeed be Beckett's wedding dress. The question now becomes: Is the dress amazing or not worthy of its wearer?

To the dress' credit, it works on Beckett. She is built like a model and this is the kind of dress that suits such a woman. Also, the silvery details all over the main part of the dress are incredible.

Then there's that tulle skirt. While some might like the effect, it's not exactly in harmony with the rest of the ensemble. But is that a forgivable offense? If it is, this might be a great dress. If not ... maybe not.

What is your opinion? Vote in the poll below!


Photo/Video credit: ABC