'Catching Fire': Donald Sutherland's distinguished President Snow portrait

The final in a series of character portraits from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has arrived. What started Monday with the reveal of Effie Trinket ( Elizabeth Banks), has ended with the president of Panem, Coriolanus Snow ( Donald Sutherland).

Snow is dressed in a dark suit, making the signature white rose on his lapel stand out. His formal attire falls in line with the rest of the portraits, except for Gale Hawthorne ( Liam Hemsworth), who is dressed more appropriately for his home district.

Snow's unveiling ends a week of portrait posters released through various websites, all connected to an official Tumblr blog, Capitol Couture. Snow's poster was put up by Yahoo Movies. To see all of the character portraits, as well as other pictures from the movie, check out our "Catching Fire" gallery!

Take a look below to see President Snow's full portrait:


Photo/Video credit: Yahoo Movies