CBS' 'Three Rivers' wants to get 'warmer'

Threerivers_alexoloughlin_katherinemoennig_290 CBS' new drama "Three Rivers," which is set in Pittsburgh, has decided not to film there. Instead, the show will set up shop at Paramount Studios in the middle of L.A., and attempt to re-create the Steel City hospital where the pilot filmed on a soundstage.

The idea, a source close to the show tells the LA Times Showtracker blog, is to open up the show visually -- since the pilot filmed in a working hospital, the production was restricted to certain areas -- and make it "warmer" (insert reference to star Alex O'Loughlin's hotness here).

Having more room to roam could also pave the way to expanding the cast. Executive producer Carol Barbee is hoping to add some recurring characters, mainly other doctors and a social worker, to go along with the core group of six regulars. One of the new characters may be a love interest for O'Loughlin's workaholic transplant surgeon.

The cast also includes Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado and Christopher J. Hanke; Julia Ormond was in the pilot, but her role is being recast.

Something about the combination of CBS and O'Loughlin seems to result in the revamping of shows. After CBS picked up "Moonlight" two years ago, it scrapped the original pilot presentation and recast nearly everyone around O'Loughlin. The changes on "Three Rivers," though, are shaping up to be less drastic.


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