Celeb earthquake tweets: Adam Lambert, Ashton Kutcher and more

ashton-kutcher-smiling.jpgOn Sunday April 5 at 3:40 p.m. PST, an earthquake -- initially classified as a 6.9-magnitude and upgraded to a 7.2 -- hit Baja California, Mexico. Two hundred miles away, Los Angelenos felt the rolling quake for over a minute.

Naturally, everyone's first instinct was to tweet about it -- including some of our favorite celebrities. Below, check out what the famous folks had to say about our Easter earthquake.

There were, of course, the expected exclamations:

@ adamlambert: Earthquake!!!

@ JamieKennedy: EARTHQUAKE!!!

@ DENISE_RICHARDS: earthquake!! ....

Other celebs went into slightly more detail:

@ ParisHilton: OMG! So scary, just felt an Earth Quake! Anyone else feel it? I hope there isn't anymore.