Celebrate Bisexuality Day: Going strong for 20 years

anna-paquin-cameron-diaz-bisexuality-day.jpgFriday, Sept. 23 is the 20th annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The day has been an official international day of recognition since 1999, when three bisexual rights activists declared the day to be an official celebration, according to GLAAD. But it's the 20th anniversary because BiNet USA says unofficial but similar events date back to 1991.

Adrienne Williams, the founder of Bi Social Network, posted a guest blog for GLAAD in honor of the 20th Celebrate Bisexuality Day. She writes:

"We as bisexual people are about to leave a bigger footprint on American culture and show the world we have always been here.  Bisexuality is still not understood, and the bullying has to stop. We have to all think about the global message we want to send, to inform those people who don't know what bisexuality is--which include both the straight and gay communities."

Looking for a Bi Pride event? BiNet USA has a list of them, from Los Angeles and New York to St. Paul, Minn.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images