Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with TV's finest

kim-kardashian-ice-cream.jpgHappy National Ice Cream Day! No matter if you have spent the whole day celebrating, or you are waiting to indulge in an after dinner bowl of rocky road  -- no need to feel guilty.

National Ice Cream Day is a real holiday, in fact the whole month of July is meant to be celebrated with ice cream. And when President Ronald Reagan assigned the delicious treat to these dates in 1984, he asked in his proclamation that the people of the U.S. observe these events with "appropriate ceremonies and activities."

So go ahead treat yourself -- and take a look at some of your favorite TV characters with ice cream, while you are at it below.

alyson-hannigan-ice-cream.gif betty-ice-cream.gif katy-perry-ice-cream.gif emma-stone-crying-eating-ice-cream.gif arrested-development-ice-cream-sandwich.gif michelle-icecream.gif ice-cream-ron.gif megan-scoop.gif

Photo/Video credit: Tumblr, Giphy, Getty Images