Celebrity Beach Bowl 2013: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and more hit the sand

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beach-bowl-2013-nina-dobrev-maria-menounos-ian-somerhalder.jpg "Vampire Diaries" co-stars and real-life couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were at odds Saturday (Feb. 2) -- but it wasn't their fault.

They were placed on opposite sides in the 7th annual DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. A couple dozen celebs and former NFL greats like Warren Moon and Terrell Owens played flag football on an indoor beach in New Orleans, a day before the Super Bowl. And from the looks of the photo above, Dobrev and teammate Maria Menounos weren't buying what Somerhalder was trying to sell.

Menounos wasn't afraid to mix it up either. Despite giving away about a foot and 100 pounds or so to former NFL star and current "Live with Kelly and Michael" host Michael Strahan, she got right in his face.

beach-bowl-2013-maria-menounos-michael-strahan.jpg"Hart of Dixie" star (and former "Friday Night Lights" QB) Scott Porter poses with a fan.

beach-bowl-2013-scott-porter-fan.jpgRapper Lil Wayne has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as Neil Patrick Harris and Tom Arnold try to stop him.

beach-bowl-2013-neil-patrick-harris-lil-wayne-tom-arnold.jpgSomerhalder's blue team won the game, and afterward he, Harris and Joshua Sasse (one of the stars of DirecTV's series "Rogue") commemorated the moment.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images