Celebrity Cheat(er) sheet: 5 tips for keepin' your dirty little secret -- so we don't have to write about it

tiger-woods-jesse-james-cheaters[1].JPGRuh-roh. The latest celebrity to be accused of stepping out on his marriage? David Beckham. In Touch Weekly alleges Beckham cheated on his wife, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, with a high-priced hooker back in 2007.  

Thankfully for fans of the British soccer stud, His rep tells US Weekly that the allegations are "completely untrue and totally ridiculous," and that the Beckhams are planning to take legal action. 

Still, the story lead us to look over the very public indiscretions of Tiger Woods, Jesse James and etc. etc. etc., and come up with a fool-proof list that every actor/musician/athlete/famous-for-nothing should take a gander at before letting his eye wander: