Chad Johnson tattoos estranged wife Evelyn Lozada's face on his leg: 'All I can do is say sorry...I'm human'


Chad Johnson is trying to make amends for his arrest on domestic violence charges for allegedly head-butting his wife, reality star Evelyn Lozada.

That includes a public apology...and a tattoo of Lozada's face on his leg.

chad-johnson-tattoo.jpgThe troubled NFL wide receiver showed off his ink on the "Hard Knocks" finale Sept. 4, in which he is shown training and making his case for a comeback.

(The Miami Dolphins cut him from their roster following his Aug. 11 arrest.)

"I messed up," he admits. "I gotta suffer the consequences. I made that bed, I gotta lay in it...I gotta start all over.

"How did I even get to this point?" Johnson, also known as Chad Ochocinco, ponders sadly. "Somewhere along the way, I lost focus. I lost something I love. I lost two things that I love because of my immature actions. I'm going to get both of those back, one step at a time.

"All I can do is say sorry...I'm human."

Whether or not Lozada is interested in reconciling, Johnson was quick to correct a Twitter follower who wondered why he "tatted Evelyn's face on his leg post divorce."

"Child please... that's my WIFE," Johnson responded.

But for how long?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/HBO