Charlie Sheen gets $100 million settlement for 'Two and a Half Men' exit

charlie-sheen-may-2011-gi.jpgWow. We have to admit, we thought Charlie Sheen's legal threats against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre wouldn't go far, but... this is plenty far.

TMZ reports that Sheen has received a $100 million payout from Warner Brothers after being fired from "Two and a Half Men" last spring in conjunction with his very loud, very public feud with Lorre.

He'll get $25 million immediately, and will continue to earn the rest of his $100 in syndication profits.

It's no wonder he was feeling so amicable toward the "Two and a Half Men" gang on Sunday at the Emmy awards, when Sheen took the stage to say, "I want to take a moment to get something off my chest and to say a few words to everybody here from 'Two and a Half Men.' From the bottom of my heart I wish you nothing but the best for the upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images