Charlie Sheen tells Mexican hooker story in live Cleveland show

Charlie Sheen seems to have gotten his stride for his live shows. After bombing in Detroit, he revamped the format where the live show is just him, a moderator and his stories. And he wasn't holding back in Cleveland.

First, he relays the story of old-man makeup for his brother Emilio in "Young Guns 2," where they took him to an old folks home to test it out.

But the gold comes around the minute mark, where he launches into a story about a Mexican hooker. The punchline is pretty predictable, but since this is what seems to be working for Charlie Sheen, more power to him, we guess.

WARNING: Profanity and adult content, in case you didn't know to expect that.

Sheen was greeted warmly in Cleveland, which makes sense since he played a fictional Cleveland Indians pitcher twice. He also said he's up for "Major League 3" (does he know there was third one already?) and sucked up to the audience a bit by comparing his ex-wives to ex-Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube