Charlie Sheen tops Forbes list of highest paid TV actors, Ray Romano in second

Sheen-tiger-cig-gi.jpgLooks like even when Charlie Sheen is losing he's still the tune of $40 million.

Forbes has released its list of highest paid actors on TV, and the former " Two and a Half Men" star topped the list of estimated annual earnings with a staggering $40 million. Sheen is also set to make up to $125 million in the coming years, this a result of his lawsuit settlement against Warner Bros.

Next on the list was Ray Romano. Romano earned in the neighborhood of $20 million from " Everyone Loves Raymond" syndication and from his work in " Men of a Certain Age" among other sources. Coming in third is everyone's favorite boss, Steve Carell, who made $15 million from working at " The Office."  

The ranking is based on estimated earnings from May 2010 - May 2011.

One interesting note is that the Top 10 men earned a combined $147 million, while the Top 10 women earned a total of $94 million.

Here's the full list...

  1. Charlie Sheen - $40 million
  2. Ray Romano - $20 million
  3. Steve Carell - $15 million
  4. Mark Harmon - $13 million
  5. Jon Cryer - $11 million
  6. Laurence Fishburne - $11 million
  7. Patrick Dempsey - $10 million
  8. Simon Baker - $9 million
  9. Hugh Laurie - $9 million
  10. Chris Meloni - $9 million
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images