Charlie Sheen's teeth are solid gold and don't you forget it

charlie-sheen-getty.jpgLook, if you're going to wring all you can out of your brush with fame you better be ready to sing for your supper and give up some bizarre personal details.

Kacey Jordan -- the porn actress whose biggest claim to fame prior to partying with Charlie Sheen right before he landed in a hospital last week was sleeping with Britney Spears' ex, Kevin Federline -- told Howard Stern this week that Charlie Sheen's lifestyle has taken a toll on his dental work and that most of his teeth are gold.

According to Kacey, the "Two and a Half Men" covers this up for work with some sort of veneer mouthpiece.

Trusty TMZ got their hands on a a picture taken during Sheen's 36 hours of fun and it does indeed appear that his teeth are far from picture perfect. Ouch. Dental work has come a long way Charlie. At least spring for the porcelain. 
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images